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On March 17, 2016, Adrienne Bell-Cors, Founder of Axis Advocacy made a presentation to a group of distinguished scientists at a symposium hosted by CIRM the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine at UC San Diego in La Jolla.

Her remarks came at the end of a long day that featured doctors and research scientists all describing their work on stem cells.  Her speech was entitled, “Patient Advocate and Scientist Partnerships.” The audience gave her their full attention, cell phones were put aside, as they looked up, ready to hear what Adrienne had to say.

She began by telling her story of being the fourth generation of mothers in her family to have a child with sickle cell disease.  She told of her work forming a support group and attempting to sell T-shirts to raise enough money for research into this painful, often deadly disease.

Adrienne noted with pleasure the passing of Prop 71 which allowed funding for much-needed stem cell research and which supported much of the work that had been described at the symposium.

Adrienne then shared her vision of the patient advocate’s role, supporting patients and helping doctors and researchers reach important patient groups, bridging the gaps in understanding and forging bonds between the medical and patient communities.

Adrienne dedicated her remarks to NaTasha Taylor, a young sickle cell patient who had recently passed away.

At the close of the event there was a panel discussion featuring doctors from City of Hope, UCLA and Glaxo Smith Kline, a pharmaceutical company.  Adrienne and Axis Program Advisor Nancy Rene were able to make comments that added to the discussion.

It was clear that Axis Advocacy and Sickle Cell Disease will be an integral part of moving forward with stem cell research.